The world is getting smaller...

Everywhere is Local

Ideas and events from every corner of the the Earth have an immediate effect.  No wonder geospatial skills are so critical in modern business!  SpherAware sells those skills.  We have deep collective experience in building and customizing information systems that deliver "whereness" — exactly what you need to manage your world effectively.  We have a unique approach and a strong commitment to success.  See our Services Page for details.

SpherAware is also committed to geographic literacy.  The more we understand and appreciate our limited space, the better citizens we can be.  That builds strong communities and is our only hope for a healthy planet.  SpherAware will therefore always share ideas and lessons from our projects on this site and provide interesting things to do and think about.  Please make yourself at home!



A unique way to create amazing online geographic puzzles

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A FREE OpenLayers Popup Library that makes any location look great

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Using web services to learn what's really there

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A library of geographic controls for Android applications

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