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Never Too Late to Tessellate

Posted in Database, Open Source GIS, Techniques on Jul 07, 2017

This is the final post in the simplification series.  It reveals a new way to restore the congruent fit of a polygon layer after it has been simplified.

On Topo the World

Posted in Database, Open Source GIS, Techniques on Jun 12, 2017

What is topology and why does it matter?  This post continues to explore the complications of simplifying GIS data.

Invalid Geometries

Posted in Database, Open Source GIS, Techniques on May 08, 2017

How can a geometry be invalid?  It sounds impossible but it can happen.  Fortunately, invalidity is not at all fatal.  Once you understand the problem, fixing it is easy.

A Trigger-Happy Solution

Posted in Database, Techniques on Mar 27, 2017

How can you change the symbol used to draw a feature on your map when a new record is written to a related table?  A smart database can do that for you.

The Cooperative Geodatabase

Posted in ArcGIS, Business, Database on Feb 13, 2017

What, exactly, is an enterprise GIS?  This post provides an overview and links to a SpherAware whitepaper that describes an ArcGIS security innovation for business environments.

The Pantry Principle

Posted in Database on Jan 02, 2017

Information is food for thought.  It's the home-cooked data casserole we all crave.  Of course, good information requires quality ingredients and careful preparation.  Proper storage is also an important part of a healthy diet.