The SpherAware™ GeoGraphics Library for Android is meant to supplement the development of mobile mapping, monitoring and data collection applications.  The library currently includes several classes and graphic controls that are particularly useful in a geospatial context:


This component shows true north based on the magnetic declination obtained from the device's GPS receiver.  The compass may be displayed as a simple north arrow or a full rosette in any color.  The data output is also smoothed to reduce flutter.

GPS Display

The handy GPS component provides the device's current position, elevation, speed and direction of travel in a single data object.  With each position update, it also provides a current display of all visible and active satellites relative to the horizon and cardinal directions.

Drawing Pick

This is an innovative drawing tool that enables precise manipulation of graphic elements with touch gestures.  There are 4 visible states which may be used to indicate that the tool is roaming, drawing, has detected a feature or has captured a feature.

Info Balloon

This callout remains fixed with respect to the screen while its pointer tracks a moving object or a feature that is being panned or zoomed.  The balloon automatically moves to the corner furthest from is target in order to keep the feature visible.  Content is specified in an .xml layout file and the balloon can be toggled between full and abbreviated versions.

Offline Map Builder

A unique set of classes provide the ability to retrieve standard map tiles from a TMS service and store them in MBTiles format for offline use.  Tile sources are specified in json format.  Retrieval time is estimated based on the desired extent and maximum zoom.  NOTE:  Rendering maps from an .mbtiles database is not supported and depends entirely on the mapping library being used.

Other Features:


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Note: The GeoGraphics library must be initialized with a valid license key when distributed to end users.  A unique key is also required for each application package in which the library is used.  This key may be omitted for development purposes only.  Although all features are enabled without a key, an unobtrusive "SpherAware Not Licensed" watermark will appear periodically.


A limited number of FREE GeoGraphics library license keys are available for early adopters.  We only ask that you complete a brief marketing survey and contribute to our issue-tracking effort.  Please contact for more details.